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My non-Real Estate Market Report

KHRT RadioOne of the "Hats" I wear is Account Executive for KHRT Radio and now is the perfect time to give you a market update. Our niche in the radio broadcasting market is that we are a family friendly Christian radio station. You can't get much more "niche" then that these days.

Now because we just completed our Spring Sharathon, a fundraiser designed to assist KHRT AM and FM in meeting it's financial obligations. We have less advertisers then most radio stations because we will not run ads that promote alcohol, tobacco, or gambling. We are a Christian, family friendly radio station.

As you can see from the maps below KHRT has a very good international reach. When I answer phones for the Sharaton, as I did over the past 8 days, it's fun to talk to people from the entire broadcast area and sometimes beyond as we also do some broadcasting over the World Wide Web.

KHRT coverageI would be remiss if I did not mention that we are close to working out a deal to be back on the WWW with 100% of our programming as we once did. Whats up with that? Whats up with that is that the company that we used to use to put us on the WWW increased it's fee by something like twenty fold and we were forced to withdraw but a new provider is dangling a good looking carrot in front of us and we are taking measures to see we don't get burned again as we did before. Right now we are only sharing original content on the WWW.


The Sharathon is a good barometer of how we are doing in the market as we are to small of a market to get reports from Nielson or other major media reporting services. Keep in mind we are NOT a non-profit Goalscompany and we take a week to ask our listeners to help support us.How well do you think that would go over with any other station? Our supporters are people who believe in our mission which is the ministry of Christ, spreading the Gospel.

Our goal is to reach $40,000 and we are very close but please keep in mind Sharathon extends beyond the "on air" portion and we are confident we will reach our goal by the end of May.

So how are we doing? Very well I'd say. There are 10 Radio stations listed in the Minot North Dakota phone book and our AM side is one of only two AM radio stations in Minot. There are several FM Stations in Minot and I believe we are one of four Christian Stations (three are not in the phone book as they do not have a studio or any employees in Minot).

A simple summary or Market Report of the well being of KHRT Radio is that we are alive and well holding our own against out of State competition as well as denomination specific stations.

This is my 2nd entry into Hannah Williams  April Challenge April Showers Challenge Niche Local Reports Make Business Bloom on the Active Rain Blog site.






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My non-Real Estate Market Report
One of the "Hats" I wear is Account Executive for KHRT Radio and now is the perfect time to give you a market update. Our niche in the radio broadcasting market is that we are a family friendly Christian radio station. You can't get much… more
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