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The Anchor of My Life

609I have been a home owner since I was 18 years old. It's not that I was privileged, I just never understood the concept of renting when a house payment was the same or less than rent. My first home (pictured above) was a tiny 600 square foot one bedroom home with an even smaller basement apartment that I rented out for the same amount as my house payment... less one dollar.

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My next home was over four times that size which was huge for a single man but I got it dirt cheap and I had plenty of time to fix it up. By the time I left that home (about 6 years later) I had a wife and we had two kids born to us. I sold that home for more than ten times what I paid for it but again, I had put plenty of sweat equity into it. 


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 My 3rd and current home was similar to my first home when I purchased it, very small. With a wife and two infants I knew we would have just a short time to add space to the home but we liked the house and location so moving into a bigger home never crossed our

minds. As the title of my post implies our home has been an anchor for our family.

Stability has always been important to me. Jobs change. Relationships change. It's nice to have something stable in our lives and especially in our children's lives. In our case, in particular, it was especially important with a child on the autism spectrum. Children with any degree of autism have a hard time with change. One thing our child could count on was where we lived and that mom, dad, and his sister would be there for him.

Those of you who know me know we (the Timm family) had a huge decision to make in 2011. 2011 was the year that a flood inundated out home and filled it with murky, muddy water up to the ceiling for a period of an entire month. The decision was do we take the insurance money and run or do we rebuild?

Every home owner is faced with making repairs and doing routine maintenance but a total rebuild seldom happens to most home owners. Repairs and maintenance is often enough for some people to opt for renting but having a flood destroy your home and 80% of your possessions is a whole new animal.

While the flood certainly disrupted our "stability" for a total of 9 months the home remained an anchor. It kept us together as we worked side by side to rebuild our home and it kept us together with the great hope and dreams that we would soon have something even better in the same neighborhood the kids grew up in and the neighborhood we truly loved.

HOME to me means stability, security, memories, and a place for the children to return to after they have left the nest. As the old saying goes, materials make a house but LOVE makes a home. It's good to be home.

 This post was created for Debe Maxwell, CRS 's Homeownership - An ActiveRain Challenge - June 2019.








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