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NOT so sad to see you go.

FlubEx OfficeOkay, for the sake of the community it's never good to see a store close but I'm not going to shed any tears in the case of Minot's FedEx Office store's closing soon.

I had one run in with this store a couple of months ago that necessitated my calling the police to investigate certain activity at this store.

Today I had another reason to be unhappy with them. I needed to drop off a overnight package as soon as possible and they advertise that they open at 7:00 so I was there promptly at 7:00. The hours say open at 7:00 on the door as well. I sat there until 7:30 and by then I had had it. No one showed up. There was also a sign that said store closing May 17th. I think they need to nail that sucker shut TODAY!

Like all real estate: location, location, location is number one and retail is no different. This store is located on the far South end of town making it very inconvenient for at least half the town.

Like all service providers: you need to provide good service to attract and keep customers. This store outright stunk! I think this came from the top down. The best service I received was when I came in at the last bell when the part time help was there and the management wasn't.

While Realtors hang their shingle under a Brokers name each agent is his/her own business and Real Estate is a service business. While a Agents office may be in a brokers brick and morter shop or in their own home they must be accessable to their clients (when their clients need them) and when it comes to service, good may get you by but great service will make you a success.



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Comment balloon 17 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • April 24 2019 01:22AM
NOT so sad to see you go.
Okay, for the sake of the community it's never good to see a store close but I'm not going to shed any tears in the case of Minot's FedEx Office store's closing soon. I had one run in with this store a couple of months ago that necessitated my… more
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