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Collectibles! What Gene brought back this Spring.

My friend Gene owns The Downtown Mall, a large collectibles shop that is packed full of treasures. He spends a lot of time in TX during the winters and I'm always excited to see what he brings back. Here are a few of the new treasures.

Pepsi CarPepsi1 Pepsi4 This little peddle car was Gene's favorite purchase. He also scored a firetruck of the same vintage but not in quite as good of shape.

 Blue Vase   Lamp with top

The tall blue vase was a find as was the lamp (I cut off the top).

Brass Fire nossale Fire hornThe horn in the middle was worn by fireman walking on patrol and if he saw a fire he would blow it. It could be heard for up to 15 blocks away to call other fire fighters. The brass nozzle on the left was a fire fighting nozzle. Gene scored two of those on this trip.

FalstaffCcaColaGene picked up a bundle of unfolded Falstaff boxes. He folded this one up for display. Coke stuff always sells well. I've seen cases of bottles go through his store over the years I've known him.


Pilots CapBrass TelescopeI believe he said the pilots cap was from WWII. I don't know how old the brass telescope is.

There are just to many items to mention so please enjoy the following pictures. If you have questions about any of the items you can call Gene at The Downtown Mall. 701-852-9084.

Bud clock  Santa Bear Candle

Brass CrockPrimitive flashlight

The brass crock above is huge. The flashlight is acetylene powered.

Wicker baby carriage       Elephant hideThis elephant is made out of an elephant hide. (grosses me out)

Zither                   Unique Frame

The instrument is a Zither. The unique frame is not oval or square.

Shawn the Sheep  Sit-on toy

These vintage sheep figurines look just like the drawings for Shawn The Sheep, a British cartoon. The Steam Shovel is not very big BUT it is a childs "sit-on" toy. 




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Collectibles! What Gene brought back this Spring.
My friend Gene owns The Downtown Mall, a large collectibles shop that is packed full of treasures. He spends a lot of time in TX during the winters and I'm always excited to see what he brings back. Here are a few of the new treasures. This… more
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