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My Movie Review of INSTANT FAMILY

I rarely go to movies and I never rent them (we do pick them up at the library on occassion for free) but last night was an exception.

My son Timmothy decided our evening entertainment would be to go to "The Oak Park Theater" and see INSTANT FAMILY. I love The Oak Park Theater. I had my Real Estate office right inside the theater until the flood of 2011 destroyed it. The Oak Park Theater is a "second run" theater so movies are only $4.00 and it's a brand new theater now.


Our local foster care organization, Path North Dakota, has been on my radio show several times and Tanya has suggested seeing this movie so I was eager to go along with Timmothy's wishes to see it. We were NOT disappointed. I believe the producer tried very hard to show what one might expect when bringing a foster child into their home. Some of it was pretty scary but the show has a lot of humor to it as well. The three of us each give it two thumbs up.. so that's six thumbs up from us.



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Comment balloon 16 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • February 03 2019 09:50PM
My Movie Review of INSTANT FAMILY
I rarely go to movies and I never rent them (we do pick them up at the library on occassion for free) but last night was an exception. My son Timmothy decided our evening entertainment would be to go to "The Oak Park Theater" and see… more
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