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Dr. Steven Shirley, MSU Commencement 2019

Welcome to an interview recorded a couple of days before TODAY'S commencement with MSU President Dr. Steven Shirley Ph. D. Every interview I have had with Dr. Shirley has been fun, light, and lively so I have no doubt you will enjoy this one as well.


Welcome to Minot State University! Please explore our website and learn about all that MSU has to offer.

Minot State University remains as committed as ever to our core values devoted to teaching and learning with excellence, integrity, and engagement; serving students and others respectfully and responsibly; following high ethical and moral principles; and supporting the values of community and place where all community members are valued and respected.

Offering a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, high-quality education at Minot State University is provided in such diverse fields from communication disorders to nursing to business to the fine arts to criminal justice to the sciences to education to psychology to computer science to addiction studies, and so much more. I am confident we have an academic program that is right for you! While attending MSU, you will have numerous opportunities to be engaged in academic research, service learning, civic activities, performances, clubs and organizations, volunteerism, internships, and more.

We are at a unique time in the history of the great state of North Dakota. Minot State University is excited to play an important role in the state's future, and we look forward to you joining us on this important journey helping North Dakota succeed. Our students are the future. We not only expect the best from our students, but also our faculty and staff, so we equip them with the best in every aspect of their experience at MSU.

Come visit us, so you can see firsthand our commitment to excellence. We look forward to seeing you on campus, and Go Beavers!

Steven Shirley, Ph.D. President


If you would like to hear the other two interviews with Dr. Shirley here they are:






MSU Graduation 2019




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Dr. Steven Shirley, MSU Commencement 2019
Welcome to an interview recorded a couple of days before TODAY'S commencement with MSU President Dr. Steven Shirley Ph. D. Every interview I have had with Dr. Shirley has been fun, light, and lively so I have no doubt you will enjoy this one as well… more
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