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My "Daddy Disneyland" Menards just made my CRAP List.

Doesn't it Menardsmake you mad when a store has a BIG sale and then they don't have the product on hand? 

Take that a step further, you are really excited about an item in the sale so you get up early (not talking Black Friday early here) and you are there with-in an hour of when the store opens and then they "just sold out" of the item.

Crap airplane makerWith the scare or the coronavirus I was eager to score a package (3 pieces) of respirators just in case this thing makes it's way to Minot ND.

The one and only person in front of me in line was from Boeing. He had been given orders from Boeing to purchase all Menards had in stock so Boeing could send them to their employees in Japan. He purchased all 30 cases of them... CASES! I asked him if I could have one package (3 masks) and it was a no go.

I don't know who I'm madder at. Why would Menards allow it's stores to sell out an advertised sale product as soon as their doors opened? Besides myself how many other loyal customers are going to be mad as hell at Menards?

I can not do anything about Boeings actions other then saying thanks alot for stealing this protection for our community and sending it over seas BUT I can boycott Menards and stop spending the few hundred dollars a month I currently spend there (and have for 20+ years).

I guess for me, Daddy Disneyland just moved to Home Depot a block South of Menards. Hope to see you there!



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Comment balloon 10 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • February 14 2020 03:39PM
My "Daddy Disneyland" Menards just made my CRAP List.
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