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Flu shotI am thankful for normal! Not that anyone who knows me thinks I am normal (but that is normal for me).

Normal for me is pretty quirky. The picture to the left is from my favorite movie of all time... it's not Gone With The Wind or The Sound Of Music... it's Cry Baby with Johnny Depp. J.D.'s political views turn me off but I love his quirky movies like Cry Baby and Edward Scissorhands, but I digress.

I am thankful for "normal" days. No big surprises, no disruption of my schedule. Of course one has to wonder what a "normal" day is for a Real Estate professional. I am thankful when a transaction goes on without a hitch... "normal".

I'm glad when things are normal at home. I don't want to hear "Honey , remember that car I had this morning?" or "Honey, our money is now in Nigeria". You are all probably pretty sick of hearing that normal for my kids is straight A's and over achievment.

I'm glad when things are normal in general. Hopefully now that the election is over things will be fairly normal in life in general.

I'm thankful for "Normal".

I am thankful for Debbie Reynolds challenge to tell what we are thankful for during the month of November. Read the challenge and post what you are thankful for today.




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Comment balloon 36 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • November 14 2018 03:24PM
I am thankful for normal! Not that anyone who knows me thinks I am normal (but that is normal for me). Normal for me is pretty quirky. The picture to the left is from my favorite movie of all time… it's not Gone With The Wind or The Sound Of… more
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gen·er·os·i·ty the quality of being kind and generous
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