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POP Goes the..... Cake?

We have had some unusual Birthday Cakes in the Timm household, the most unusual being Tina's request for a "Litter-box Birthday Cake" (yes it looks just like a soiled litter-box and is served with a litter-box poop scoop).

A new creation was served up just a few days ago. A popcorn cake!

Carol's Cake

It was much like Carol and the cake

the popcorn balls of old that I always hoped I get while out Trick or Treating so 50 years ago (except) this was moist and didn't crumble into a million pieces when you bit into it.

There were M&M's mixed in as well as some peanuts.

It was GREAT and didn't last long as we are a popcorn loving family.

Tina was home for the Christmas holiday being on leave from military vocational training as well to enjoy both the holiday and mom's birthday (Tina is the biggest popcorn lover of them all).




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We have had some unusual Birthday Cakes in the Timm household, the most unusual being Tina's request for a "Litter-box Birthday Cake" (yes it looks just like a soiled litter-box and is served with a litter-box poop scoop). A new creation… more
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