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Tina N. Timm Airman 1st Class

On Friday Morning 11/08/2019 Tina N. Timm became

Airman First Class Timm, Tina N.

Everyone knows what a proud father I am of both my kids and Friday was just one of the many choked up moments I've had over the years for Tina and Timmothy Timm. Tina graduated in the top 10% of 800 at Basic Training, earning her the rank of Airman First Class. She would have received that rank anyway due to her 4 years of Jr AF ROTC but she is more proud of achieving it this way with having a 98% in physical Training and a 95% in the educational testing.

I can tell you it wasn't easy, I've never seen my daughter so stressed and unsure of herself. It made dad cry a lot of tears in the last 8-1/2 weeks.

Tina and JerryInstead of one long post about my trip I'm going to post this about Tina and a separate post about the trip. HOWEVER in both posts I have to say fellow Rainer Jerry Newman is one FANTASTIC friend who made a lot happen for Tina and I on this trip. We love you Jerry!

Airman First Class Timm, Tina N. is now off to Gulfport Mississippi for her tecnical training as an engineer. If I'm not mistaken this will be an 18 week adventure and she will not have much more freedom then she had at Basic Training but even a little freedom will be greatly welcomed by her. She was really hoping to get her car back but that's not allowed so she will have to settle for having her phone back and the occassional opportunity to dress like a woman again.



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On Friday Morning 11/08/2019 Tina N. Timm became Airman First Class Timm, Tina N. Everyone knows what a proud father I am of both my kids and Friday was just one of the many choked up moments I've had over the years for Tina and Timmothy Timm. Tina… more
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