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Holiday Marketing, My Way

Rising to the challenge Lisa Von Domek has put before us, Sliding Into The 4th Quarter Holiday Challenge, I've put together my thoughts on holiday marketing.

Starting with Halloween

Loosing your headNo need to loose your head while house hunting, just loose the agent who doesn't listen to your needs!

When you work with Tivoli Custom Homes you won't be looking at a "grave yard" of  old used homes. Tell us exactly what you want and we will build it for you!

No skeletons in the closet, no bats in the belfry.

Your new home will be ghoul free and ready for you to write the fairy tale story of your love for each other and your family.



Turkey in a tux

Gobble up a great deal on a custom home. Did you know that buying a home before the end of the year has many tax advantages for you, the 1st time home owner?

What better time to start a new chapter in your life? Let's find that dream house now so you can be living in it at the beginning of the new year.

Next year and every year after you will be giving thanks for your own home. A home to raise your children in, a home you made totally your own, a home that someday your grandchildren will come visit you in.

Let's start looking today so you can give thanks that you are no longer paying rent to pay someone else's mortgage.


Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Pack up the tree and pack up the decorations... it's time to make that move into your BRAND NEW home.

Minot Real Estate has hit that point where you can buy a new home for the same price you would purchase a previously owned home so why buy a home where you need to fix this or change that when you can own a home that is custom built for you?

Christmas is the time to celebrate a very special birth. Let's make it even more special with the birth of a new life for your family.


BOB TIMM, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Custom Homes- MINOT

Our model home is located at 9 11th Ave NE

 Minot North Dakota 58703

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Holiday Marketing, My Way
Rising to the challenge Lisa Von Domek has put before us, Sliding Into The 4th Quarter Holiday Challenge I've put together my thoughts on holiday marketing. Starting with Halloween No need to loose your head while house hunting, just loose the… more
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