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Lowe's Garden Center, Minot ND

Minot's Informative Realtor

You can shop the BIG box store or

Shop Local at Lowe's Garden Center.

Lowes Garden Center, Minot ND

Located behind (NW) the ND State Fairgrounds. Lowe's is a family owned shop not associated with the big retail giant.

 Lowes Checkout Lowe's seedlings

Friendly customer service.                       Several greenhouses.

Lowe's Flowers  Lowe's Pottery

Lots of plants are ready to go now.            Tons & tons of pots. All colors & sizes.

Lowe's Baskets Lowe's Chimes

Baskets from the far East.                     Wind chimes and lanterns.

Lowe's Decorations

All kinds of decorations and gifts are available.

Lowe's Pheasents

I really liked these colorful metal pheasants .

Lowe's Candles1 Lowe's Candles2

These unique BURN TWICE candles are made in Hillsboro ND. There is a wick on the top on the outer ring that you light 1st. As it burns the wax will fill the inside of the candle and stop burning. Then the inside candle is ready to burn.

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Lowe's Garden Center, Minot ND
You can shop the BIG box store or Shop Local at Lowe's Garden Center. Located behind (NW) the ND State Fairgrounds. Lowe's is a family owned shop not associated with the big retail giant. Friendly customer service. Several… more
Hey! I'm The News!
Thank you Minot Daily News In Saturdays paper the Minot Daily News Included their annual "Progress" section on Minot Housing. There was a nice one page article that three local Brokers were quoted in and I was one of the lucky ones to be… more
If You Please
The person who is willing to do anything to please everybody is a universal and deservedly despised person. Bernard Shaw The quote above made me think of the agents who tell people they are available 24/7. I found it in a 1968 book by Evan Esar… more
Continuing Education Covers A Lot Of Topics
As far as I know all States require Realtors to take several hours of Continuing Education. In North Dakota we are only required to take 9 hours of continuing education a year. I have 10 hours in so far this year because I enjoy learning and I… more
2701 SE 62nd Street Minot ND with 2. 14 acre lot
Just Completed Full Remodel in Rural Minot This manufactured home has had a complete rebuild, every wall, every ceiling, every floor, cupbard, cabinet, countertop, bath, even the roof. Completely rewired by a certified master electrician… more
Opening Weekend At Corbett Field In Minot ND
Yesterday was the opening day of Historic Corbett Field in Minot with Minot State University's 1st Home Game. They played Nebraska's Wayne State Wildcats who licked their butts. Yesterday was a great day to play ball with temps in the 70's. Not so… more
New Affordable Listing In Minot ND, MLS#160707
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Minot ND Housing Report for the week ending 04/09/2016
Housing Sales Slowly Picking Up Be sure to note the line above as this is a very restrictive report. There were 11 homes sold in this limited catagory. The most expensive home sold for $342, 000 and it was on the market for 75 days. The least… more
Lonely? Take A Trip To The Post Office.
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