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Alternative Energy Is A Bunch of Hot Air

Man Made Global Warming


Man Made Global WarmingI've always scoffed at the idea of "Man-Made" global warming. The idea of man elevating himself to have the power of God makes me puke.

Knowing that the pollution of one volcano is 100 times greater then all the pollution man has created in his entire existence tells me how silly the argument is for "Man-Made" global warming. However Harvard is now proving that man is causing Global Warming... by using alternative energy in the form for wind generation.

2 degrees According to an AP story in today's newspaper wind generators are causing more global warming than fossil fuel electrical generation. As you can see from the small snippet to the right some areas are already experiencing a 2 degree increase in temperatures due to the "environmentally friendly" alternative energy source of wind generation.

Starting today I'm advocating they cover the State of North Dakota with wind generators! This last week we have had several days of snow with temps as low as 23 degrees and daily highs as low as 40 degrees.

Bring on the "Man Made" global warming!

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