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Prepare Your Window AC Unit For Service

Minot Realtor Bob Timm

AC1North Dakota weather can turn in a matter of hours. Today 40 degrees, tomorrow 80 degrees. We have crazy weather here.

NOW is the time to make sure your window AC unit is ready for the cooling season.

There really is very little to maintain on these units but still it's not what I consider easy work.

1st of all these units should NEVER be left in the window over the winter. I would say it's okay to put them in the garage but the best solution

AC open here

is to store them in a clean dry spot in the basement. If you do store them in the garage I recommend you cover them well just to keep the dirt out.

If you did not clean all of the surfaces of the unit before you put it in storage now is the easiest time to do that (not that it IS easy, all the ports on the front and the metal cooling grids on the back do not make cleaning easy. After cleaning the surface using soapy water on the plastic areas and nothing more than a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush on the metal surfaces you next need to open the grill and clean the filters. The grills usually open at two points at the top of the grill.

AC filterBehind the grill you will find a very fine, and flimsy, screen filter. If you did not clean this last fall when you took the AC unit out of service last fall it will be full of dust and very ugly. Air needs to flow through here freely or the system is not going to work well and most likely over heat. Remove the screen very carefully or a lot of that dust will fall off and make a mess right there. My favorite way to lean this screen is with a blow gun on my air compressor however a vacuum is almost as effective.

AC cooling screenLast of all, while you have the screen out you want to clean the metal cooling grid directly behind the screen. Again you need to take great care not to damage/bend those little aluminum fins. The best way to do this is to make sure there is a soft brush on the end of the vacuum cleaner hose.

Cleaning is my least favorite type of maintenance, I'd rather take things apart, glue things and oil things but cleaning is about all you can do to maintain a window AC unit and if you do this cleaning at least once a season (twice would be better) your window AC unit will keep your home cool for many years to come.

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