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ND Moves To Philadelphia

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footballNorth Dakota football fans have been largely divided between Minnesota and Green Bay. Now watch for The Philadelphia Eagles to move largely into 3rd if not 2nd or 1st place in the hearts of North Dakotian's.

North Dakotian Carson Wentz was the NFL's 2nd draft choice last night and he went to The Philadelphia Eagles.

Carson had a very impressive college career with North Dakota State University as their Quarterback.

Carson is a local ND boy, great athlete, and a straight A student that never even got a B in his college years.

Here is a link to the ESPN story.

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Comment balloon 10 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • April 29 2016 05:13AM
ND Moves To Philadelphia
North Dakota football fans have been largely divided between Minnesota and Green Bay. Now watch for The Philadelphia Eagles to move largely into 3rd if not 2nd or 1st place in the hearts of North Dakotian's. North Dakotian Carson Wentz was the NFL… more
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