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Oh Woop, the Fireworks Show Goes On in Minot ND

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FireCrackerEarlier this month it was announced that Minot may not have a fireworks show because the money that pays for it comes out of our Hotel Tax and revenues are way down.

So why the sarcasm on my part? The fireworks show is always held after Racing Night at the Fair Grounds. When do the races end... around midnight to 1:00. There is no set time, they end when they end.

Our kids are usually asleep by 10:00 and my bride and I are usually asleep by 10:30. There is no way in hell a responsible parent is going to keep their kids up that late hoping the races end on time so they can watch a 20 minute fireworks show.Firecracker

OK, I know everyone parents differently, as evidenced by the recent newspaper report of the couple who got sh*t faced in the bar for four hours and left their infants in the car when it was sub-zero temps outside, BUT normal loving parents do not keep children up that late for a fireworks show.

Every other community I am familiar with holds a GREAT show and they always start just before dark, 10:00PM at the latest. I wish someone would explain to me why Minot doesn't do the same. They could hold it at Minot State's Herb Parker Stadium where there is plenty of seating and for those who want to watch from home it could be easily seen from almost every part of town.

SnapSo I will say it again: Oh Boy, the Minot Fireworks show has been saved. Someone wake me up when it's over... about 5 hours after it's over.



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