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Tips on Finding a Custom Home Builder to Build on Land You Own

If you work with a Custom Home Builder like Tom and myself this is great advice to pass on to your Buyers. The Custom Builder I work with, Tivoli Custom Homes, receives a passing check mark on all of Tom's points.

If you live anywhere in Western North Dakota Tivoli Custom Homes can build that perfect dream home for you. Come visit our model home at 9 11th Ave NE in Minot today and see what "Dream Home" quality looks like.

Tivoli Custom Homes


If you have a land that you recently found or bought, the best you can do with it is build a custom home. Even if you already have a home, you can always use an extra one for family vacations or for retirement.

The only way to build a home that fits the idea of your ‘dream house’ is hiring the right custom home builder. You need someone who understands your need and one who can turn your ideas into a practical plan. NIH Homes can be a great choice as they have tons of experience in this industry.

However, custom home builders are generally hard to find, so you have to do your homework right. To help you get started, here are the top tips to use:

Confirm the Necessary Documentation

You can start by checking if the contractor has a practicing license and insurance. You should confirm the documents by checking with the relevant authorities. If the builder works for a building company, you need to confirm if the company is registered. This will guarantee professionalism and quality work.

Look for Evidence of Craftmanship

It’s important that the builder you want to hire has the necessary skills and experience to start and complete your home building project. You need physical proof. Each builder is unique and their building styles may differ. But still, you should go for a home builder who can show you a recent project that matches what you are looking for. This is necessary because the building technology has changed a lot in the recent past.

Trail the Achievements

A license and a recent proof are not enough to measure the experience of a home builder. You need someone who has been in the industry for years and has left a mark.  You should list someone who has been recognized by the industry for his or her contribution in building custom houses. You may need to check the building directories or ask the real estate developers.

Consider the Local Reputation

The bad news just like the good news travel really fast. Before you hire a custom builder, you should confirm that expert has a good working reputation locally. Check with past clients and the local real estate companies. You may also go to where your land is located and ask about a builder.

Check the Reputation of the Suppliers

What is the reputation of the people who supply the builder with lighting fixtures, flooring materials, plumbing parts, and cabinetry? You don’t want a builder who uses low-quality building materials. If the suppliers are trustworthy, then the builder can guarantee you a stable and strong project.

Confirm Great Customer Service

Lastly, it’s necessary that you find a home builder who you can work with professionally and openly. Basically, partner with someone whom you can make suggestions to and freely inquire about the proceedings of your project. To determine this, it’s necessary to check the customer reviews left by past clients. You may also talk to the clients themselves and ask about the builder.

When you do your search for a custom builder comprehensively, you eliminate the likelihood of building a poor home. With the above tips, you should find it easy to hire a builder who has the necessary tools to build you a customized dream home.




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Tips on Finding a Custom Home Builder to Build on Land You Own
If you work with a Custom Home Builder like Tom and myself this is great advice to pass on to your Buyers. The Custom Builder I work with, Tivoli Custom Homes, receives a passing check mark on all of Tom's points. If you live anywhere in Western… more
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