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Meet the very talented Shyanne Belzer

I, the interviewer, got to interview Minot's top interviewer.

ShyanneI was really looking forward to visiting with Shyanne Belzer of the Minot Daily News and I was NOT disappointed. What would be more fun for me than to interview a professional interviewer? Shyanne has covered events and features for the Minot Daily News for about a year now and she is really good at it. Starting fresh out of college she sees this as a possible life long career along with writing books as well. Shyanne is truly a gem in Minot's crown of local talent, I hope we can keep her here for many years to come.


Timmothy TimmIn two weeks Shyanne will be publishing an interview with my 16 year old son Timmothy about his new book: TITUS & PHILEMON TAKE THE STAGE. Shyanne was kind enough to time the release of the interview to co-inside with Timmothy's first book signing that will be held at Main Street Books in Minot.

I love to sing the praises of the Minot Daily News here in my blog. I am a daily subscriber and usually read the paper version every day even though it is also available on line when you subscribe.

Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations in the Greater Minot Area. You can hear it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 in the afternoon and later again on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. After broadcast I publish a podcast that can be found at Podomatic and again posted right here on my blog hosted here at Active Rain.



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Meet the very talented Shyanne Belzer
I, the interviewer, got to interview Minot's top interviewer. I was really looking forward to visiting with Shyanne Belzer of the Minot Daily News and I was NOT disappointed. What would be more fun for me than to interview a professional interviewer… more
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