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Fine Art

Fine Art by J. Frost

 This photograph is approximately an 4" X 6" part of a canvas that is a about 18" by 24". The entire canvas, or more accurately the entire piece of glass, is a window on my GMC Yukon.

 While scraping the frost off of your automobiles windows on a daily basis for 6 months can be viewed as a pain in the ass to many it can also be a joy to view the art work of The Greatest, and original artist of them all.

 Maybe you have heard "a minute is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a minute to Him". What a great example we have with this artwork. How long would it take a mortal to create this? He creates work like this over night, on millions of pieces of glass, every night. Just another reason I go to His house weekly to thank him as I did today.

 What artist has created what they haven't seen? And what have they seen that He has not created?



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Fine Art
This photograph is approximately an 4" X 6" part of a canvas that is a about 18" by 24". The entire canvas, or more accurately the entire piece of glass, is a window on my GMC Yukon. While scraping the frost off of your… more
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