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Minot Real Estate 101, It Sure Is Dark In Here

Minot Real Estate 101

Minot Real Estate 101, It Sure Is Dark In Here

I just drove from my office to downtown Minot ND do make a special blog post on a friends antique shop. When I got out of my car and walked to the door people started to stream out of all the downtown buildings seemingly looking for something.

They were looking for the light!

Actually they were looking for the reason they had no light.

Black Out!

There has been a lot of construction in downtown Minot ND for the past year and evidently a backhoe operator or someone else cut a main power line just as I got there.

I will post about the best little antique/collectible shop soon but it made me think about that 1st time home owner and the black out they have yet to experience.

What to do when the lights go out.

#1) Step out of the house and see if your neighbors are gauking about looking to see if their home is the only one without power.

#2) If they are not out in the yard like you and you can see their lights or giant TV is on then look and see if your house is on fire (don't go back in if it is on fire unless you need to save your giant TV).

#3) If your house is not on fire and there is no UFO hovering about above it go check you electric panel. It will look something like this:


#4) Make sure all the switches (breakers) are in the "on" position. If it doesn't have switches (breakers) and instead has the round glass things that screw in get some help from someone who knows how these things work because doing something stupid with the little round things will kill you.

It's always best to know what to do for a black out before a black out.

#1) Know where you have a WORKING flashlight.

#2) Know where you breaker or fuse box is.

#3) If you have a fuse box learn what each fuse is for, why they are different colors, and what those little black panels are that you can pull out (they are the "mains" on a fuse box).

#4) If you have breakers learn how to tell if they have been "tripped" or else you are going to end up setting a lot of clocks in the house unnecessarily.

#5) Always have the name and phone number of an electrician written on the box/panel as well as the power company name and phone number.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • August 20 2015 01:42PM


If all else fails...check and make sure the bill was paid!

Posted by William Feela, Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No. (WHISPERING PINES REALTY) almost 5 years ago

LOL good one William Feela !

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Owner of Ward Co. Notary Services, retired Realtor (Ward County Notary Services) almost 5 years ago


There are a number of thing someone can do when there's a back out . . . . just not things that require electric.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) almost 5 years ago

So true Lou Ludwig and I mean good things to do like communicate with another human. It's almost to bad portable divices don't go down with the power outage because as it is it doesn't stop kid from looking up from their tablet screens unless it's out for hours.

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Owner of Ward Co. Notary Services, retired Realtor (Ward County Notary Services) almost 5 years ago