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Why I Think A Tariff On Steel and Aluminium is RIGHT!

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These two pictures tell the story to/for me:

Auto Junk YardJust this last week I drove by one of Minot's auto salvage yards and noticed how full it was. It contained several acres of cars stacked about 10 cars high. It made me think... I wish scrap metal prices would go up so we would not have to look at this.

It's a scene you can see in any junk yard anywhere in the USA. So why do we have this humongous stock pile of junk cars... because it's cheaper to import new steel from foreign countries than to use the countless tons of used steel we have here or to mine our own natural resources.

cansThe same can be said of aluminum. We teach our children to recycle from the day they 1st open a can of pop. It's cheaper to import new than it is to recycle.

Tariffs can be implemented and tariffs can be removed. I think it's time we place tariffs on these two items until we can lower the stock piles of what we have on hand today. If we are going to push "save the earth" through recycling then let's make it worth while to do so we don't have to look at acres of deteriorating vehicles and piles of aluminum cans being stored in our neighborhoods.


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Comment balloon 12 commentsBob "RealMan" Timm • March 05 2018 03:04PM


Hello Bob,  I agree part way but I have a friend who owns a small brewery and now he is worry about what it will do to him.  I agree with you that we need to do something in this country NOW!

Posted by Will Hamm, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way!" (Hamm Homes) 11 months ago

Thanks Will Hamm . I understand your friends concern about tariffs and a trade war. I also understand that tariffs on steel could be very hard on parts or our industry, especially commercial buildings and steel roofing BUT I'd like to see it temporarily until we get some of our junk pile stock reduced to less than "eye sore" level. Hopefully a demand for scrap metal will spur innovation to produce the scrap more efficiently and make it more desirable. 

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Bob Timm, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Homes (Tivoli Custom Homes) 11 months ago

Hi Bob,
Interesting perspective.  We do need to find a way to give incentives to recycle some of that junk, don't we.  Many of those auto junkyards sell the parts, which is a good thing but it still leaves a lot of leftovers, doesn't it? 

Posted by Carol Williams, "Customized Mentoring & Marketing Services" (U.S.: I specialize in helping agents who have been in the business 2 years or less create a thriving business.) 11 months ago

It does Carol Williams and as I said these were stacks of cars, crushed cars. There won't be any parts coming off of them for resale.

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Bob Timm, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Homes (Tivoli Custom Homes) 11 months ago

I heard on the news the US only has like 5 smelters in operation now.  I don't like it when the US is dependent on other countries for basics like steel.  It leaves us vulnerable.   Plus, it's not very eco friendly when you can buy new steel for less than the cost of recycling old scrap.  They say it'll raise the price of a can of beer by a fraction of one cent. 

Luckily, I drink vodka, which usually comes in glass! My glass... lol

Posted by Shawn and Angela Miller, Lincoln and Omaha, NE REALTORS® (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Amabassador Real Estate) 11 months ago

An interesting perspective, Bob... not one I'd given any thought to until I read your post.

Posted by Nina Hollander, Your Charlotte/Ballantyne/Waxhaw/Fort Mill Realtor (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage ) 11 months ago

Bob, I agree also.  There are many reasons not to buy from over seas besides the prices.

There is also qualitya nd the over abundance we have here

Posted by William Feela, Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No. (WHISPERING PINES REALTY) 11 months ago

I agree William Feela . We need our Independence.

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Bob Timm, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Homes (Tivoli Custom Homes) 11 months ago


Good post and Ron and I were discussing this earlier this morning.  We do need to re-examine all the deals that were made way back then.  A

Posted by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy (Napa Consultants) 11 months ago

Thank you A of Ron and Alexandra Seigel . I agree "because we always did it this way" does not mean it's right. Even tradition should be examined on occassion.

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Bob Timm, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Homes (Tivoli Custom Homes) 11 months ago

Morning Bob.

Well sir one thing for sure, it sure is causing an uproar from some people and countries. We'll see how it plays out

Posted by James Dray, Exceptional Agents, Outstanding Results (Fathom Realty AR LLC) 11 months ago

It may be an uphill fight for the President but in this case I think it's the correct plan. I am NOT an environmentalist but this should make them very happy as it would really kick some of the recycling efforts into gear. Labor unions should be behind it because it will create a lot of high paying jobs. Conservatives should be behind it because it promotes America FIRST! I see it as a win, win James Dray .

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Bob Timm, Project Coordinator for Tivoli Homes (Tivoli Custom Homes) 11 months ago